Getting ready for 2018 season!

                                                                        SHEEP CREEK VALLEY

                                                                        SHEEP CREEK VALLEY



April 2018

We've just returned from spending a week at the Lodge over the Easter break.  We took a few of our Grand children out with us, which made our time out there even more special.  

We have 9 grandchildren and each and everyone of them has a special connection to the lodge, and more importantly to the environment.  In these days of a "plugged in virtual reality world" it's refreshing to see kids enjoying themselves.  From board games to chasing balloons its like a step back in time watching the kids play.   

We have no problems with the new wonders that technology has brought us, but we still treasure the old fashion values that bush life brings.  How many three-years-old's today help stack firewood?  Are you ready to unplug and unwind?  Why not put Sheep Creek Lodge into your travel plans for 2018?

Fall / Winter 2017

What a great season we had... after a rocky start.  Torrential rains in June swept away our bridges and cable car.  But we rallied our family work crew and were able to rebuild our cable car and gain access back to the lodge once again. 

One factor at Sheep Creek lodge is we were blessed with a lot of repeat guests.  We also noticed an upswing in family groups due to fires in BC.  Their loss was our gain and we were happy to be able to provide these families with a unique experience.  

We look forward to the upcoming winter and the chance to humanely harvest fur on our wilderness trapline.  Enjoy the winter! 

APRIL 2017 -  

It's time to buckle down and get the lodge in ship shape order for this seasons guests.  We've tackled our #3 cabin and are in the process of giving it a new roof and a face lift.  With new opening windows and revamped bathroom the cabin  will maintain it's back country charm but provide a little more comfort.  It was nice to see the spring birds coming into the feeders.  A Purple Finch in brilliant colours seemed to be the king of the feeder.

 Accessing the lodge this time of year can be difficult, but our tracked Argo is up to the challenge.  It's only during the flooding spring conditions that we avoid the Lodge as the Sheep Creek can be a force of nature.

Come on out and visit us this year.


May 2016

It's been an unseasonably warm winter and now spring.  I suspect the rivers will experience the spring floods early this season and the high waters receded by June.  In some ways this helps us out by making access to our cabins easier...but I can't help thinking nature wasn't designed for this.

We had a good winter at the cabins, inclusive of hosting a BBC camera crew.  We also saw the world premier of our wolverine documentary on CBC The Nature of Things.  Google "Ghosts of the Northern Forest" for an in-depth look at the life of wolverines.  Much of the footage was filmed in the sheep creek valley over the last few years.  Just another exciting happening out at Sheep Creek


Well we had a great summer and fall season in 2016.  With guests from as far away as the Netherlands plus some old returning friends made for an enjoyable season.  It was a bit wet but the moisture is invaluable.  It was good to see some healthy bull trout caught and released, ready to play again.

The winter of 16 / 17 started off old-school cold with temps down into -35 range.  As we maintain an active 350 square mile  fur management area around the lodge we really appreciate an early freeze up.  We had good snowmobile access for most of the winter but multiple chinooks made for some rocky travelling.